Paris attacks – transport returning to normal but with extra checks

Airlines and the Eurostar are returning to normal after France re-opened its borders this morning following the horrific synchronised multi-site attacks in Paris last night. The dreadful toll of death stands at 126 this morning, with many more injured. I fear it will grow.

Air France

Are offering changes until 22 November of tickets for the next few days or a full refund in the form of a voucher.


The train service to and from Paris is expected to operate normally today but they are offering the chance to rebook for passengers no longer wishing to travel there

British Airways

are asking passengers to allow additional time for enhanced security checks on its flights which the French Government is requiring; understandable in all the circumstances.

Most other airlines are indicating that their flights will be operating as normal today.

The BBC is reporting that many sites and museums in Paris will be closed today. The French Government asked people to stay inside whilst the attacks were going on last night and in the aftermath – it is unclear what the advice will be today.

Paris is an extraordinarily beautiful city – full of history, culture, and the most wonderful people. As we have seen before when terrorism hit their city they stood together to defeat those that would do them harm. Already we are seeing the world offering its support – Prime Ministers and Presidents are offering assistance, and monuments and large buildings are colouring themselves red, white and blue.

I think of great times in that city this morning, and resolve to visit again soon. Perhaps that would be the best reply to these evil acts?