So what was YOUR IHG ‘Time to Accelerate’ offer?

Looking through my emails from the past few days, I found my Intercontinental IHG hotels offer for the autumn. It’s fairly lucrative, but I am not sure it’s so good that I would mattress run for it.


The killer is really that I could manage the 17,600 quite easily as I have several trips planned abroad. But is it worth it?

The top earner (17,600) would just require me to switch some Hilton stays to Holiday Inn and booking the app is easy. So in theory the 17,600 + 5,000 + 2,600 should be easy. I can pay with my IHG Visa for another 1,500. Total – 26,700. Hmm!

We’ll see….


  1. Mine looks quite similar to yours, except for this “special” one:

    Corporate Account Bonus – Stay 7 time(s) using your negotiated rate and earn 9,200 bonus points.

    Only thing is, I don’t have any corporate rates, and have never used one…

    (I do book quite often through cashback sites / airline portals, when I can find IHG on one, and when I remember, so I wonder if that confused their offer allocation system? Or maybe I secretly do have a discount code that I could be using if only I’d known! Who knows)

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