Are BA/IB ready to acquire Aer Lingus today?

IAG – the parent of BA and Iberia has long harboured desires to acquire Aer Lingus, the Dublin based airlines. Some years ago, BA pulled their London Gatwick to Dublin services and stopped serving the Irish capital.

Fast forward and these days you can fly to Dublin from Heathrow and London City several times per day.

The Irish Times is reporting that the Irish Transport Minister has briefed the Trade Unions about the sale. They have opposed any sale of the Irish Governments 25% stake in the airline.

They are also reporting that the Irish Government will somehow acquire the rights to veto any sale of Heathrow slots – the jewel in the crown for BA/IB – if the sale goes through.

Smells like a done deal to me.

There seems to have been some interesting guarantees secured by the Irish Government, the paper says:

– 2 new US routes – one to East and one to West Coast

– Create a hub for BA in Dublin

– Maintain flights from Shannon to the USA

– Provide better connections from Cork