What BA is saying about the 64A debacle….

I wrote last week about BA removing passengers who had booked 64A – a prime seat on the Upper Deck of their 747’s. Popular with frequent flyers for how close it is to the exit and the fact that no climbing is required to get out to the aisle. It is nicely private.

To cut a long story short, BA has been booting people out of this seat to make it in to a bassinet seat – without telling passengers.

I dropped an email to BA and their reply is as follows:

Following increased customer demand, we’ve added an additional bassinet position to our Club World cabin on our Boeing 747-400 aircraft.  As seat 64A was originally fitted as a bassinet position, with an additional emergency oxygen supply, which we’ve used as general seat allocation for the past few years, this was the obvious seat position to utilise.  I’m sorry this seating change has caused you some frustration but I do hope you understand the reason behind our decision.

I had raised the issue that they didn’t tell anyone, and in my case moved me across the aisle behind the toilet – a total failure to understand what good seats are to their passengers and why they matter. This was covered in the email:

I appreciate you’re disappointed that we didn’t notify you of your seat change and we’re really grateful you’ve taken the time to let us know how you feel.  I’ve contacted our Customer Experience team so they’re aware of your comments, and this will help us with communicating more effectively any changes we may make to our policies in future.

In fact, in the end, there was Avios upgrade space to First Class so I went with that option. It would have been nice if they had offered to refund the cost of that, but no dice.

Anyway, I suppose at least we know why now!


  1. Interesting, I’ve picked 64K before and liked it, didn’t find there was any issues with the loo given how quiet the UD is. Also found it a really quiet private seat.

  2. thanks for the tip — I just checked my late summer flights – I was in 64A for both directions and I’d been moved to 64K for one the lower deck 14K for the other. I called them – they moved me back onto the upper deck. An email on this would have been nice – BA seem to be consistently trying to hurt themselves again at the moment .. not one of the favorite stunts they’ve pulled on me – thanks for heads up.

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