Further BA Avios changes – partner earning reduced by up to 75%

BA’s changes to Avios earnings came in overnight and it is now possible to see some of the amendments that had not been previously announced. In particular changes to earnings on partner airlines appear to have been changed, and standardised. The changes particularly impact earnings on Economy fares, where unless you buy a high priced ticket, earnings are reduced by up to 75% on some partners.

For example:

28-04-2015 05-35-29

Here you can see the lowest coach fares earnings have dropped from 100% to 25%. Only the very highest fares continue to earn 100% – Y and B. At least the Tier bonus have been retained, even if these have gone down for Silver members.


28-04-2015 05-38-35

Whilst owned by the same company as BA, the earnings here have dropped too for the lowest economy tickets with the Y, B and H only earning 100%


28-04-2015 05-38-17

The changes here are pretty confusing with some seeing to have gone up (!) whilst the H fare has dropped to 70% earnings.


28-04-2015 05-37-50

More modest changes here as earnings were already low in the lowest fare buckets


28-04-2015 05-37-14

Whilst not a OneWorld partner earning on Alaska has been cut in a similar way to that on American Airlines


28-04-2015 05-36-47

Almost certainly the most complex earning schedule here with everything from 100% to 20% being earned.


28-04-2015 05-36-22

Not too bad here, but still some changes.


28-04-2015 05-35-56

The major reduction here is for Premium Economy (the same change has been made to earning on Qantas) from 110% down to 100%.

The page on the BA Web site is here.

It is worth remembering that for tickets issued from today onwards, BA is realigning its own earning.

28-04-2015 05-50-43

At the moment I cannot see any reduction in Tier Point earning, except that announced on the BA001/2/3/4 from London City to JFK where you will only earn 140 Tier Points for tickets purchased from today. Q, O and G classes economy fares also earn reduced Tier Points from today.



  1. Q,O,G classes apply only to BA? If i book those classes in Tam I will receive 5 tier points instead of 10?
    It mentions travels starting from today, but BA stated that tickets bought before today will earn via old rules, thas that also apply to one world parterns?

  2. Guilherme:
    For TAM – The lowest fares earn 10 Tier points still. For example Rio to Sao Paulo on the cheapest ticket will earn 125 one way, plus 10 Tier Points.

  3. At least that, 10 tier points for tam flighs. Tam has 3 different fares, but they are all have the same fare code, so you always have to check ita matrix to see the fare code of the flight.

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