A quick visit to the JFK Concorde Room

I had applied an upgrade to my return ticket from JFK last week and so could use the Concorde Room at JFK. Located away from the main the lounge complex, it provides a haven for First Class and Concorde Room passengers. Opening at around 4pm, it is located to the left as you exit the premium security line in BA’s Terminal 7 at JFK.

BA Concorde Room JFK - Seating

The main seating area offers waiter service who will keep your glass topped up. They also have a nice feature for their wine list which is provided on an iPad so you can choose what you would like to drink.

BA Concorde Room JFK - Menu

Separately they have a sit down restaurant where you can select from a menu of items before flying if you wish to maximise your sleep. The First Class lounge at JFK doesn’t have this, but you can use the Club Pre-flight dining if you want to eat in the main lounge. The staff check that you have enough time when you site down and so the food comes out either really fast, or at a reasonable pace depending on time. They serve you more drinks whilst at the table.

I chose the Soup and the Pork Burger with bread and butter.

BA Concorde Room JFK - Food BA Concorde Room JFK - Food BA Concorde Room JFK - Food


The soup was not very spicy but was pleasant. The pork burger was small. When I was here last the waiter suggested two burgers due to their size and I should have enquired about the size this time. The bread was warm and really tasty.

I skipped dessert and returned to my seat to wait for my flight to be called.

BA001, the A-318 service to London City was waiting to leave. It had been badly affected by mechanical problems the previous week so it was good to see that it was actually going this evening.

BA Concorde Room JFK - view of BA1 to London City


The lounge has lots of seating areas and is usually pretty quiet due to the entry restrictions. OneWorld Emeralds cannot get in unless in First Class on BA.

The spa is in the main complex and there is a phone that you can use to make a reservation. When I got around to this there was plenty of available slots, although I have to say it was the worst treatment that I have ever received at BA, and won’t be wanting the same woman again! Rough, rushed and rude are the three words that come to mind.