LAX to make every day like a bad weather day, for three years

LAX delays

Earlier last year I wrote that AA had been padding their schedules to increase journey times to and from LAX. The effect of this was that some flights fell below minimum connecting times, and so AA rebooked me often for flights hours later reducing holiday times. It was and remains pretty annoying.

Today I have found a nice video that explains why all this is happening and it’s the fault of the airport.

More explanation is provided in this video from LAX which whilst beautifully shot contains both an explanation of the works being undertaken, but also the depressing news that every day is going to be like a bad weather day – delays are going to become normal. And just how many flights do I have through LAX in the next 9 months – oh about 20. Time to check out that missed connection clause on the travel insurance policy I think.



  1. Not much that you can do if you are connecting through LAX. If you are flying to or from the Los Angeles area look into the many other airports in Southern California. I have had great success with Burbank, Orange County, Ontario and Long Beach. Often I have flown into one of these airports and been driving past LAX in less time than the rent-a-car bus takes to show up at LAX. I do hope the improvements to LAX will work our in the long run.

  2. Southwest is allowing you to change upcoming flights to, from, or via LAX to any other available flight without upcharge. Just go to their Change Reservation page, enter your info, and look for the big yellow box explaining the opportunity for a one-time change.

  3. This week’s anecdotal report from LAX: Monday mid-morning flight canceled, Thursday evening flight on time. Exactly the opposite of normal!

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