What’s your UBER score? Your UBER passenger score that is!

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I have used UBER about a dozen times, all in the USA, and typically from large airports to my hotel or for early morning departures where public transport is not operating. I have used it in Miami, San Francisco and New York, but never in London.

My drivers have been a mixed bunch – an off-duty Fire Fighter in San Francisco, a politics student in New York and several unmemorable but efficient drivers who took me to where I was going. Sometimes within the speed limit and sometimes not.

None of them tried anything untoward and so I am happy with the service.

Last week, it came out that whilst we all know that we can rate our drivers after the journey on the UBER app, the drivers can do the same for their passengers.

Being British I am unfailingly polite (Yes, well, most of the time anyway), and so I hoped for a good score. Emailing my email address and mobile phone number to support@uber.com elicited this reply:


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A 5, I scored a 5. Top score it turns out!

So I thought I might have a look at what the Pro Tips they mentioned contained.

  • Make sure you give the right pick up location, by pinning it properly in the App.
  • Don’t try and get in more than 4 people.
  • No food, booze or smoking
  • Be ready when the driver arrives
  • Be friendly

Well now I know how to make sure I keep my 5, yes 5!


  1. You can also just ask your driver next time you get a ride. He/she will have access to your score. The first time I used uber my driver (in LA) told me how its important to have a good score. He had picked me up over someone else close by because they had a lower score. I took a ride in San Diego a few months ago and that driver (the one who told me my score) says it doesn’t matter as much.

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