Hyatt Regency, Mainz

Hyatt Regency Mainz

The Hyatt at Mainz is close to the city, but a one stop ride on the local railway followed by a ten minute walk. In 2012 I wrote about how to find your way to the hotel from the station. It has not changed since then. On the day I arrived it was snowing so I walked there quickly.

The hotel is between the hotel and the river.

Rhine view from the Hyatt Regency Mainz

You have to walk across the front of the hotel to reach the entrance.

Hyatt Regency Mainz

There was no wait when I checked in although I did think that the agent was a little hesitant. He made an issue that the rate did not include Breakfast, and after I explained that it was covered by being Diamond Gold Passport. This seemed to confuse him, but keys were produced and I went across the lobby to the lifts.

Hyatt Regency Mainz lobby

Unfortunately, I did not secure a Rhine view room this time, and the view over the shopping centre was not very exciting. The room was fairly small as you can see:

Hyatt Regency Mainz room

The bed was as comfortable as all Hyatt beds are and I enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

Hyatt Regency Mainz bed

There was a large TV on a stand at the end of the bed. It had a large number of UK Channels which I found surprising but pleasing!

Hyatt Regency Mainz TV

The bathroom was large and sparkly with a separate shower and a bath tub, which was not very wide and so felt cramped.

Hyatt Regency Mainz bathroom

Hyatt Regency Mainz bathroom

A few minutes after I arrived in my room I thought I would pop along for a coffee in the Grand Club but my key didn’t work. Whilst odd, I thought they might have firm opening hours. However, a few minutes back in the room and a bellman arrived to swap keys. It appears that the check-in agent had miscoded the key! I went back and had a nice chat with the staff on duty and sorted out my coffee. They advised the opening times and I duly returned at 6pm for their evening service. Soup, salad, cheese and min-desserts were all on off with a nice range of breads. Complimentary sparkling, red and white wines as well as soft drinks and beer were all available. The staff were super friendly passing through the guests filling up drinks, and generally chatting to everyone.

Breakfast the next morning was a range of cereals, cold cuts, and juices, all really tasty. In addition the staff arranged eggs for me from the restaurant which were welcome.

Hyatt Regency Mainz

Overall a nice stay, even in a small room, at a property that would be great to return to in warmer weather.


  1. I think my biggest (first world problem) pet peeve is front desk staff that doesn’t understand HGP Diamond benefits. In particular the “best room in its class” benefit.

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