Gotham Air starts to take bookings

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Many years ago it was possible to book a helicopter flight from JFK to downtown Manhattan as part of a TWA ticket. I did this 6 minute journey twice before the service was withdrawn. My time in helicopters is limited; the trips mentioned, a sightseeing in Kauai and Monte Carlo to Nice are my only journeys. So I am delighted that Gotham Air has started service from Manhattan to JFK and Newark. At present there is no return option but I am told that this is coming.

However, if you are thinking about using the service there is an important caveat – it’s not a scheduled service, rather it operates when there are enough passengers to justify a journey. You need to have four passengers booked on a service in order for it to operate. You can request a flight or join one already booked/requested from their web page.

For the next couple of days this is the pattern of flights to give you an idea: (the little people icons show how many seats are available). There is an app you can download but it doesn’t seem to be in the UK iTunes store.


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Fares vary by time of day and airport. This is their schedule of rates. Note the date range limitation for the $99 introductory offer. It is clearly a lot more expensive than a taxi or even Uber but the time saving is massive.

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Their web site is not the best as you have to make a booking request and then receive an email confirmation. I am waiting to hear about my trip in April.

Note you can only take one small carry-on weighing no more than 25lbs. That’s right a SINGLE carry-on. They appear to drive you airside at JFK but landside at EWR to your terminal.

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