Did Lufthansa send you 3,000 status miles?

A good long time ago I used to fly Lufthansa and credit points there when I had passed through United’s 1K status. Those days a long gone and I manage to hold on Frequent Traveller status (their lowest tier) through a Gas & Oil Club connection that I have.

I haven’t credited anything to them since they ran a promo with Hilton earlier in the year. So it was surprise when LH emailed me yesterday with 3,000 bonus status miles.

Pretty useless for me, but great for anyone who might just be short of status as a result of their numerous strikes over the past 6 months.


Did you get anything from Lufthansa?


  1. Only 3K? I think you got shafted. I haven’t flown them in 2 years thanks to a corporate travel ban, but still retained Senator status until Feb. 2015 because I qualified for 4 years due to previously heavy transatlantic flying. I was quite surprised to get this letter, except they gave me 10K status miles instead of 3K. Not that it will do me any good for future status, but the gesture was nice. LH seems to always give me some sort of token appreciation during the holidays, they are much better relationship-building than the US airlines IMHO.

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