Should hotels be charging more for a ‘refurbished’ room?

Earlier in the year I had an awful stay at the Renaissance Hotel at Heathrow Airport

The hotel responded that they are undergoing renovation, although many of my complaints were about service, rather than the building.

Looking at their reservations page today I notice that they are charging a premium for their refurbished rooms. £24, about 30% of the un-refurbished room rate.

Renaissance LHR

I wonder if that’s acceptable?

The hotels defence to previous complaints was that they were going to have a nice property once it was complete. At the moment they seem to be charging for that improvement.


  1. Are they charging a premium for a refurbished room; or are they offering a discount for a room that hasn’t been renovated? OR, are they called a renovated room a different room type and allowing one to book this specific room type to guarantee a renovated room. I think it’s perfectly acceptable. I stayed at a hotel recently that was in the midst of renovating their rooms and gladly booked a specific room type (that was a premium) to guarantee a renovated room.


  2. I stayed at this property a few weeks ago. I’m a Platinum, and at check-in requested one of the upgraded rooms (I had booked a standard one on a LNF rate) if available.

    And yes, they gave it to me free of charge.

    Lounge BTW at this property has also been renovated. They now only provide comp wine in the evenings, and food choices are limited at best.

  3. It’s technically a room with different features from an unrenovated room. I think they have permission to charge whatever they like for each room category.

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