2015 elite status done…now for some fun?

A review of my frequent flyer accounts and my Hyatt Gold Passport account show that I’m done in terms of qualification for elite status for 2015.

At Hyatt I passed the 25 stays needed for Diamond status a little while ago. I suspect that we’ll see changes to their scheme soon which will make it less attractive, but for now I am pleased that I have been an elite member for 20 years.


As you may have read I passed British Airways Gold Guest List level this year, and wrote about the goodies it gets you here.


And so lastly we come to United. A member for longer than I can remember I had my re-qualification planned long before United gutted the earning side of the programme for 2015. When I look at my experiences with United of late I’ve decided that 2015 will be a year when I don’t travel with them. If things change and the airline starts to respect its passengers again then I’ll go back, but it’s not worth the disrespect to get to 4 Million Miles, although that would (at least for now) get me Global Services.



  1. Just wondering what if any *A carrier you’ll use in 2015. I myself dropped UA in favour of LH. Not the best programme but certainly means I’m not tied to UA for my spend etc…

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