American Airlines goes for ‘consistent’ meal service (or reduced in regular english).

American emailed all of its frequent flyers yesterday with an email that boasts about a consistent meal service between AA and US. Of course, in airline speak this means a reduction in meals. Whilst we were all warned it was coming, AA have now released the details.

This is the email:

05-08-2014 05-11-35

I have a number of flights coming up at the end of the month and so thought I would book my entrees to see what changes AA were actually making. (American is one of the few airlines that let you do this, although BA is supposed to undertaking a test of the system. Basically it is designed to guarantee you your first choice.)

I have a trip from LA to Chicago and then on to London Heathow, booked as an award ticket in First Class. Both flights are over 2 hrs 45 mins and the meal service seems unchanged:

05-08-2014 05-08-27

05-08-2014 05-08-07


A pretty good choice in truth, and although I picked beef for two segments, I  will probably change for the international flight or just sleep!

I am also travelling on the much hailed transcontinental A321 service where the meal service remains unchanged, says AA.

The outbound departure leaving at 4.30pm has a pretty good dinner selection:

05-08-2014 05-21-26

However, the next days flight to Mexico (2hrs 25mins) gets a cold breakfast only option:

05-08-2014 05-21-56

The return from Los Cabos (2hrs 30 mins) gets more than AA offers in the email:

05-08-2014 05-22-18

And finally my 6am return from LAX gets the standard F transcontinental breakfast, even in a three class plane.

05-08-2014 05-22-46

So, personally so far, I don’t see the changes having too much impact on my food choices.


  1. Really bad for me. I fly lots of 2 hr to 2 hr 45 min flights in first on AA. I really have come to expect a meal that is almost as good as what once a standard coach meal. It looks like first will now get far less than what coach used to get.

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