Ebola: Update


I wrote last week about what I think is one of the greatest risks to aviation – the current Ebola outbreak. Since then the number of cases has risen to 1603 (up 25%) with 887 people now dead, a nearly 50% increase. This includes 4 cases in Nigeria. Apparently passengers arriving in Nigeria are being screened on arrival at the airports.

This week British Airways suspended its flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone until 31 August 2014.

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There is some good news in that two aid workers from the US appear to be improving following receipt of an experimental drug. The BBC covers the story here. They are understood to be in a hospital in Atlanta.

There is also a new story here that Ebola may have arrived in the UK. The victim appears to be have come back to Cardiff having travelled in West Africa. There is no confirmation that it is Ebola. There was a similar scare last weekend where the patient died but it turned not to be due to Ebola.