AA: 32B or not 32B that is the question.

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It appears that American Airlines has run out of letters to describe its aircraft.

For some months, in fact since they arrived in the fleet, American has been using the 32B designator to indicate their Airbus 321 aircraft that ply between New York JFK and San Francisco or LA. Case in point is a future flight I’ll be taking around my birthday:


However, recently AA has started making schedule changes to bring in to service their two class, no flat seating, Airbus 321 planes on other routes. Confusingly they are using the same 32B designator for these. As this example for another trip shows:


Just to add to the uncertainty, the AA web site makes no mention of the two-class A321. Showing only the three class version:


An easy check is to look at the First Class cabin. This is the new A321, 2 class service (note Row 1 is back):


This is the 3 class version’s First Class cabin:


This is the Coach cabin of the 3 class version:


and the Coach cabin of the 2 class version:


It’s not really too problematic as long as you don’t expect a nice flat bed on the non-transcon route!


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