Hyatt Bonus Point offers

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I wrote earlier in the week about Hyatt launching ‘Double Points’ rates. You can read that post here.

There are also some property specific bonuses you might find useful, depending on travel plans:

5000 points
Hyatt Place, Waikiki until 31 Oct.
Vienna, until 31 Aug.

3000 points
Churchill, London until 31 Dec.

2000 points
Greenwich until 31 Aug.

1000 points
Place, Washington Capitol until 31 Dec
Place, Orlando Convention Centre and Universal until 31 Dec
Hangzhou until 31 Aug

500 points
Place, Miami Airport West

The Hyatt Regency Birmingham (USA) – The Wynfrey Hotel is offering Regency Club for $10 if you stay 2 nights – Sat, Sun, Mon or Tue.

Of the double points rate properties there is a fair list – all seem to end on 1 September 14, so I imagine Hyatt will be seeing if these rates delivered any revenue, although with so little push on them I doubt anyone noticed!


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