United publishes new Heathrow Terminal plan

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Whilst it is a small thing, UA has published a new layout drawing for Heathrow for use after Terminal 2 opens on 4 June.


It shows clearly how to get from T2 main terminal to the United gates (2B) as well as the location of the new United Club and Global First Lounge.

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  1. Hi MfB, what is the scale on that figure? I recall the walks at Heathrow being crazy loooong. UA, as well had the most distant stand at the very end of a terminal. Any chance that for the upgrades they are considering modernizing the way of moving people around.

  2. I assume they have people movers, which should like halve the time it takes, right?

  3. Yes there are people movers, and lifts/escalators at each end. The signs say 20-25 minutes – some of the gates are 5 minutes away from where you emerge from the tunnel

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