MH370: BBC reporting two passengers with stolen passports bought tickets at the same time

In a possibly significant development, the BBC are reporting that both passengers with forged passports purchased their tickets at the same time and were on their way to Europe.

The quote is:

The BBC has confirmed that a man falsely using an Italian passport and a man falsely using an Austrian passport purchased tickets at the same time, and were both booked on the same onward flight from Beijing to Europe on Saturday.

Both had purchased their tickets from China Southern Airlines, which shared the flight with Malaysia Airlines, and they had consecutive ticket numbers.


  1. While this can imply conspiracy, it can also imply an attempt for illegal immigration. So, it doesn’t point in one direction or the other yet.

  2. passport reported stolen over a year ago, and it just comes to light now.?

    If I report my credit card stolen, its voided in minutes.

    maybe they passport system needs to adopt the credit card companies system.

  3. The passports were reported stolen 1-2 years ago. INTERPOL had the info, but then they have the info from a million stolen passports.

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