MH370 – Reuters reports FBI probing 4 ID’s used by passengers

The news this morning from Reuters is that the FBI are looking at the passports used by 4 (not 2 as previously reported) passengers who boarded the aircraft.

Their report is here.

‘ “All the four names are with me,” said Hishamuddin, who is also defense minister. “I have indicated to our intelligence agencies and I have also spoken to international intelligence agencies for assistance.”

He said help was also being sought from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). However, an attack was only one of the possibilities being investigated.

“We are looking at all possibilities,” he said. “We cannot jump the gun. Our focus now is to find the plane.”

The Chinese official Xiamen Daily reported that one of the passengers who was supposed to be on the flight, according to the manifest, was at home in China. The name on the passport and the passport number did not match, according to the newspaper. ‘


  1. Well of course the FBI wants to put their hands on everything. I say, it didn’t take place on your turf, so they should mind their own business.

  2. @David – Dude, did you even read the post? It says the Malaysians ASKED the FBI for help.

  3. Yeah, sure, the US government is just gonna sit down with popcorn in hand and look pretty while the whole thing unfolds. Yeah. We’re a nation of paranoia at best.

  4. @David…. Even if the Malaysian Govt didn’t asked, the US should also take an interest and offer its assistance. For (1) – there were 3 Americans on board. (2) the US/FBI has the expertise and technology.

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