Deutsche Bahn not coming to London in the short term

Business Traveller are reporting this morning that following problems with their ICE trains and the high cost of using the tracks, Deutsche Bahn has delayed its plans to come to London St. Pancras.

Hoping for fast trips to and from Germany many people were hoping to see Deutsche Bahn in 2016, their last designated date.

The full report from BT is here.

The original Reuters report is here.

“We have not entirely given up the goal of going to London. But for now we are concentrating on going to Brussels and Paris,” Andreas Busemann, head of production at Deutsche Bahn’s long-distance business, told journalists on a trip from Frankfurt to Cologne in a new ICE 3 high-speed train.



  1. That’s too bad. I’m a big fan of the train and Eurostar from St Pancras is a great experience (not so much from Gare du Nord) but they could use some competition to shake things up a little.

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