Air Seychelles, Victoria to Abu Dhabi, Business Class

Some weeks ago there was a mistake fare from the Seychelles to Dublin. I was able to take advantage of this and so flew Air Seychelles to Abu Dhabi and then on with Ethiad to Dublin.

Check-in opened about three hours before the flight and there was no issue with the ticket. The agent made a mistake with my frequent flyer number which I only noticed a couple of weeks later. She gave me a lounge invite and I was through security and immigration in about ten minutes.

It’s a small airport and most airlines share the same lounge which is located on the First Floor of the terminal.

My aircraft was visible from the windows which is always a comforting sign.

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The late Emirates flight was also on the tarmac:

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The lounge is large with lots of seating areas, free WiFi and a large buffet.

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There were snack warm items

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as well as sandwiches and canapes

It was dark by the time we were ready to board, and quite a climb up the staircases to get to the plane. With jetbridges, you often forget how tall planes are:

The seating in Business is 2-2-2 with the lie-flat seats:

The leg room is pretty good (sorry about the knees):

The cabin was full and had an off duty pilot in the seat next to me. The flight was quite short and there was a very grizzly child in the back row and so I did not sleep well.

Dinner was tasty, although the service was a bit slack – with orders being taken in what seemed random order.

Main course – chicken:

Dessert – a bit tasteless, banana and chocolate tart:

I then slept for about three hours until we landed at Abu Dhabi.

Unfortunately, Air Seychelles does not have a jet bridge here and so it was transport by bus to terminal. Although there was a Business Class bus!

Perfectly pleasant flight, on a carrier I would not normally experience.