Spare 2,000,077 LH miles? You can now redeem for a 6 person Whirlpool tub.

I’ve written before about strange reward opportunities from European airlines, but today LH, who used to have a Summer House available, has reached a new level of fun.

19-02-2014 06-11-36

For 2,000,077 or EUR 7690 you can own a 6 person whirlpool rub. LH describes the item:

This whirlpool for up to six people features seven massage jets and is extremely quiet. It is also very energy-efficient (the heat from the motor heats up the water) and easy to use.

Should you have that many miles, and fancy for home, you can redeem here.

One small caveat, you have to live in Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium or France.