Ethiopian Airlines – Addis Ababa to Seychelles – B737 – Cloud 9

My connecting flight was at a remote stand so we had to be bussed and then walk up the steps to the plane. The Cloud 9 seats were 2-2 at the front of the cabin and whilst not in anywhere lie-flat they were comfortable and had decent leg room.

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The seat controls reminded me of the very old BA cradle seats:

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The flight was not full, which is presumably why the route is being pulled, and I had two seats to myself. I doze off until the crew were ready for lunch to be served. The menus were:

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This was the really tasty starter:

This was the taste of Ethopian national dishes:

Main – Mushroom and Beef Ragout:

I chose the Carrot Cake and Cheese & Biscuits:

A little while after lunch we flew over the east coast of Africa on the way to the island of the Seychelles:

We landed about 45 minutes early and had to wait for the Health Department to come and inspect the plane before we could leave. Walking down the steps and in to the Immigration hall took about 5 minutes.

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We were questioned about Yellow Fever vaccinations (I didn’t have one but as I had been in transit in Ethiopia, this was fine). Unfortunately I had not been given a landing card by the crew so had to fill one out on the counter. This took a couple of minutes whilst I chatted with the Immigration official. I was straight through to Customs, where having no bags seemed suspicious. However, after a two minute chat I was outside waiting for my driver to the Hilton Northolme – and there in lies a tale I shall tell tomorrow.




  1. I flew this route and cabin last month, not surprising its being canceled since it was almost empty. Most annoying part was having everything sprayed with some strange disinfectant before landing. All in all a pleasant flight due to the wonderful crew, but wont be returning to the Seychelles for a number of reasons…

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