Ethiopian Airlines Cloud 9 lounge at Addis Ababa

I was connecting in Addis from Frankfurt to the Seychelles recently and so had a chance to enjoy the Ethiopian Airlines lounge.

After exiting the aircraft, there is a staircase leading from arrivals to departures for connecting passengers. The staircase comes out right in front of the lounge. However, once you show them a Business Class boarding pass they whisk you through to the second lounge which they keep just for Business Class.

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The lounge whilst large got pretty busy fairly quickly. There are multiple seating areas:

There was a range of hot and cold food items, juices, water and tea/coffee. There was free Wi-Fi although it was terribly terribly slow and glitchy.

The room became very busy as people arrived to connect and I left to find my gate.

There is a priority security line at most of the areas to get to the gates, although this was not always very effective. All the gates are joined together post-security so you just need to get through wherever you can and walk to your gate.

You do get a good view of the waiting planes:

Unfortunately, my plane was located at a remote stand and we had to board a bus to get there:



  1. We thought we’d get to try this in June, but Ethiopian has discontinued its service to the Seychelles from ADD, and cancelled our ADD-SEZ-ADD legs. 🙁

  2. Thanks for this trip report! I have a trip booked that includes LHR-ADD-JNB on Ethiopian in “cloud 9” in September and there aren’t many reports out there. Good to know you had a generally positive experience.

    We’re also spending about a week in London, and your recent reports on visiting London have been helpful as well! Thanks!

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