Air France First Class Lounge in Paris

Yesterday I wrote about my experience with Air France First Class from Los Angeles to Paris.

You may also have read Lucky’s blog ‘One Mile at A Time’ who reviews the First Class lounge in Paris, operated by Air France.

I travelled a few days after Lucky and wanted to pass on my views of the ground service and lounge, in case you ever decide that you want to try it for yourself.

As I arrived at the exit door, I was met by the Air France agent who would escort me to the lounge. And just me! Each person or group had their own escort who was there to take them either to their connection or to the lounge. Great service from the outset.

A quick trip down in the lift to the waiting BMW and I was quickly driven to the First Class Lounge:

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Unfortunately, the mother and child from my flight had arrived before me and took 10-15 minutes to get through security – they didn’t seem to understand what was expected from them and bags had to be re-run numerous times before things were located and handled properly. In contrast my single bag took 2 minutes to scan and I was, quickly in the lift to the first floor and the main part of the lounge.

Before leaving me, my escort confirmed that there were no treatment times available during the period I was in the lounge (nearly 3 hours) and that someone else would take me to my connection when the time came. She then took my passport to do immigration for me.

On entering your immediate view is of a wide and open area, with lots of seating, most not occupied.

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I wanted to take a shower and so went to the cubicles where you just help yourself to anyone that is available. The cabins are large, with a nice strong shower, plenty of towels and even a bath robe to use. Many other lounge showers could learn from the features here.

Just outside the showers is a quiet area which is very nicely designed.

Back in the lounge I wandered in to the Champagne bar which was not really in operation, but the other staff were happy to get me anything I wanted to drink.

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Near the bar is a large seating area where I had a sit down until I decided to have lunch.

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The eating options consist of either a self-service buffet or made-to-order a la carte options. My escort had advised me to select a la carte.

Self Service Option:
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Dessert Options:
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A la carte menu:
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I selected the steak with the mashed potato. I have to say that the mash was probably the best I have ever had – smooth, buttery and with a wonderful texture.

I also chose one the desserts from the display, which was wonderfully lemony, even if it looked a little odd:
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A note about the toilets – they probably have the most interesting design of any I have seen in an airport lounge. Firstly, they are circular and have leather clad walls. It was hard to get decent pictures but here goes:

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All too soon it was time to go to my connection for London. An escort collected me and walked me to my connection as it was in the same building. Arriving towards the end of boarding I was handed off to the cabin crew, and they did make an extra effort to provide service to me on the short flight.

Quickly through Immigration at Heathrow Terminal 4, my bag arrived after about 15 minutes and towards the start of the baggage delivery from the flight.

A truly First Class lounge which you need time to enjoy. If you are lucky enough to book or redeem for a First Class AF flight through Paris, make sure you give yourself a decent connection.



  1. What brand of toiletries are they using in the F lounge shower may I ask ? Can you give some descriptions also of each product next to the sink (I saw a few more next to the shower too in your pic) ? I saw quite a few jars there not to mention a square box that looks like a pack of cigarette ! I have seen a loccitane shower kit from the AF lounge before, was that only for the J lounge ?

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