BBC article reviews 25th anniversary of British Midland crash at Kegworth

Today marks a very sad 25th anniversary, that of the crash of a British Midland flight near the M1 motorway at Kegworth. 47 people in the crash and an additional 74 injured. The BBC report is located here and is a very comprehensive article. Stories from survivors are told here.

This is an image from the official report showing the scene of the crash, agonizingly close to the runway and flat ground.

08-01-2014 06-27-45

You can read the 180+ page report for yourself here.

The official report indicates a number of factors which led the aircrew to turn off the wrong engine:

08-01-2014 06-33-08

The accident directly led to the brace position we all use today. This came about as many injuries were caused by the overhead bins coming loose and striking passengers in the old brace position. Protection of the head became a priority.

A sad anniversary in aviation history.