United 1K – done!

16-10-2013 06-52-15

I am pleased to have completed my 1K status for this year with United. Despite a week of delays, missed connections and a diversion to Harrisburg (more about this later), United has finally credited the last flight that I need to cross 1K for 2014. Of course, being outside the UK I won’t be impacted (yet?) by the $10k spend requirement needed in 2014 to keep 1K for 2015.

So, thanks United, the 6 Global Premier Upgrades have posted and the 2 Regional Upgrades have been added to the 2 earned at 75,000 miles. Now how (or perhaps whether) to use them?


  1. Yes, I was wondering if you get to use them in a meaningful way, and if so how. Lifetime 3.5Mmiles. Wow!

  2. Congrats! Do you mainly use those United upgrades on Lufthansa? I believe it’s still possible if you get them as upgrade vouchers?

  3. @Joey: No, I have not used them on LH for many years. It’s too much hassle in my view and a bit of upgrade roulette. Once when I tried to use the upgrade, LH refused as they could not cater food for me in time. I was happy for a Business meal in F, but they were unmoved.

  4. @Levy Flight – I can often book a good while in advance and KVS allows me to locate flights with upgrades available to/from London. Of course, this year I have used a couple on US domestic flights on the ps service.

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