Ryanair – a festival of fees including £7 to print your own boarding pass.

There has been substantial coverage of comments made by the boss of Ryanair about passengers who check-in luggage. In the midst of the main UK holiday period, Mr O’Leary has expressed the view that he wished no one checked bags and he’s going to do what he can it seems, to deter passengers.

Having never set foot on a Ryanair plane, and during the MegaDO in Seattle, vowing that I would never get closer than the wingtip of one of their aircraft, I though I would take a look at their web site to see what the press was talking about.

During a dummy booking – which requires you to watch an advert before you can get a price – I noticed that Ryanair now charges £7 for a print-at-home boarding pass. This is collected at the time of booking:


At the top of the web page is a tab which displays the other fees you might incur:


I especially love the boarding pass re-print fee of 10 times the amount you paid at booking – £70. The Flight Change Fee in comparison seems a bargain. As for the ‘Uncheck’ fee – love it! Decide not to travel and then pay again for the privilege.

The web site is clear about the cost of luggage and I think you can see that Ryanair have been good to their word in trying to price people away from checking anything in:


Charging £105 to check a bag at high season

Whilst rummaging around the Ryanair conditions of carriage I found this little gem – so if the staff decide your bag is too big once you get to the plane they’ll charge you a fee there too. Let’s hope US legacy carriers are not given any ideas about this.

I especially love the complex way in which you have book an extra seat for a musical instrument, presumably incurring the £110 or £160 ‘Name Change Fee’ if you make an error.


If you are concerned about the fees, there is a handy guide on the web site about how to avoid them:


Especially love the last – Online Check-in Fee – in fact all tickets attract this – just some of them charge you when you buy the ticket (see the first image above), whilst other charge when you actually check-in. Still sounds like a fee to me.

I don’t think my research is likely to encourage me back to a Ryanair flight any time soon.


  1. I’m not one to defend Ryanair, but the promotional fares that include online check in don’t charge for online check in – on purchase or on check in. And – on the non-promotional fares – the online check in fee is included in the fare you see when searching.

  2. I love the “Infant Fee” just for, apparently, the privilege of being an infant. Oh and plus the fee for their bringing onboard a car seat.

    And the charge just to refund gov’t taxes, which I’m guessing could often be more than the tax itself?

    Despite having my name on their planes, I can’t see myself ever patronizing them.

  3. Infant fee should go to the passenger sitting next to it as compensation for putting up with a crying baby.

  4. @Al – I love that idea! I have pretty good luck usually, however my wife is like a magnet for crying babies and unruly youngsters…

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