Retail Award Schemes – part 2 – CokeZone in the UK

The soon to be closed (15 October 2013), Coke Zone in the UK allows you to collect codes from larger bottles and multipacks to earn rewards from Coke.

A pretty poor selection of items really, with these being the highest reward options:

a screenshot of a magazine

The UK scheme never got the travel goodies enjoyed by the US scheme at various time – airline miles and hotel points and it is interesting to note that the US scheme appears to continue even as the UK has announced its closure later in the year.

You can get a ticket to a Vue cinema (my local) for 150 points:
a white rectangular sign with red text

There are lots of other coke branded items.

Overall – A shame it’s closing, so be sure to cash in your points before it goes!


  1. I live in the US and I think coke has announced program shut downs for us in the last but never closed it down. They always found ways to extend it. I could never figure out why they didn’t partner more with fellow corporate Atlanta neighbor Delta. They could have offered miles for points, even if at poor rates. The best travel deal in the US is priority club points once in awhile.

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