When you want to listen, rather than read, where do you go?

In the increasing world of Podcasts, I sometimes prefer to take some travel related material along with my music, on my iPhone.

I thought I would share two particular Podcasts that I regularly have downloaded.

1. Betty in the Sky with a suitcase

a woman with luggage and airplane
This podcast has been around for a number of years – Betty is now on podcast 91 and they come out roughly monthly.

The content consists of stories from Betty’s flying partners. Betty works for a major airline, not too hard to work out which one once you have listened to a few episodes. In addition, Betty tells stories of her own travels to places outside the USA – Easter Island and Madagascar stick in the mind.

Link here – and can be found in iTunes.


a black and white logo



2. PointsHoarder

This is a new podcast and features up-to-date views and news on travel. They are up to 20 episodes and the podcast comes over as three friends chatting about travel, miles and hotels. Once in a while I don’t think they are always a 100% correct, it does provide an interesting review of the week. A link to details of their past podcasts posted via the blog is here.

a close-up of an airplane
3. The Upgrd postcast
This has been operating longer and has a nice library of about 90 episodes, although clearly some of the older ones are somewhat out of date as the world of miles and points never stops still. Link to iTunes here.



  1. I used to enjoy UPGRD and The Crew Lounge, but both have become very infrequent.
    One thing I really enjoy is with Audible you get a free subscription to the WSJ. It is about 45 minutes so it works well on flights about 500 miles to kill time.

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