UK News round-up

Vortex from plane landing at Heathrow rips off roof

Holes were ripped into the roof of a woman’s house after an aircraft landing at Heathrow created a vortex.

The sudden current of air was powerful enough to blow tiles and masonry from the home of Patricia Hills in Old Windsor, Berkshire.
BBC Report is here

Edinburgh Airport Asks Passenger What Religion He Follows During Security Screening

Apparently in an attempt to ensure everyone is profiled equally, staff at Edinburgh airport asked a traveller what religion he was. Huffington Post UK report here.

Heathrow launches new web site – Third Runway?

Heathrow Airport has launched a new web site – it is very much PR and one suspects could be related to reported attempts to secure permission for the Third Runway – again.

There are some (moderately) interesting videos about the airport. Link here.