United – Negative Class of Service bonus

I recently flew SFO to Shanghai with United, travelling on a discounted Business Class – ‘P’ fare.

When the flights (three segments, Miami to Chicago, Chicago to San Francisco, and then on to Shanghai), the last segment has posted with a negative Class of Service bonus.

Never seen this before!

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  1. UA P class fares are definitely a bit of an anomaly – they earn 0, yes ZERO, on Aegean!

  2. It’s a new UA benefit. Buy anything but full fared tickets and you will get negative class of service bonus! 🙂

  3. Still waiting for my NZ flight from 7 months ago to post! United has actually been waiting for 4 months for me to email in the original UA receipt! Makes no sense to me, after all, shouldn’t UA have this? Not a high priority, especially since I won’t earn any 2013 EQMs or lifetime miles.

  4. I’ve been waiting/requesting the 25% Y class bonus from United for over a year now and they still continue to post incorrectly for new segments. It’s only with an upgraded segment for UA 79. So frustrating and good luck with them fixing it, just one more system integration issue.

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