United asks – Would I like to upgrade? For more than a new ticket in Business Class!!

I booked a new ticket this morning – in W class so that I can use my Global Premier Upgrades – from London to Seattle, in October with United Airlines.

At the end of the process, and before I was able to apply the GPU’s, United offered me an upgrade opportunity for cash. Great I thought, until I saw the price:

a man and woman looking at a device










The cost of a new BusinessFirst ticket?

a close-up of a tax formOr about $3,500 – almost half the price United offered to me during the sales process.



  1. its probably pricing at a higher fare class because you had a higher fare class economy ticket.

  2. A little less drastic (~12% extra), but the system offered to upgrade me from economy plus (award trip) to BusinessFirst for more than the revenue fare.

  3. This happened to me last week. The cost to upgrade from a coach ticket to first class was more than the price of the actual first class ticket… Someone needs to fix this ship before it sinks!

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