2012: The year is nearly over and my status is achieved

So as we all approach 2013, I can confirm (despite United’s best efforts) that I’ve achieved status as I had hoped:

a screen shot of a computer

United – 1K – 102,754 miles and 57 segments



British Airways – Gold

a blue text on a white backgroundHyatt – Diamond – 30 stays and 43 nights


a couple of images of a plane



Priority Club – Platinum – with 8 Stays

Now for 2013 my plans will not be the same. I need to keep the United 1K status, for although I have 3 million miles, and so are 1K for life, you only earn the upgrades if you fly 100k miles per annum.

The Hyatt Diamond is given – I’ve managed to keep it for more than 25 years and don’t plan to drop it now.

My quandaries are BA and Priority Club.

BA – I can do it with a few cheap flights to Europe and a Tier Point Run or two in the USA as I am still living in Denmark for BA purposes. However, the reduced qualification level for old Europe members is nearly over and I can get lounge access if I fly a Star Alliance airline with my United status.

Priority Club – this has always been my back-up programme when there are no Hyatt’s or I needed to stay at an airport. Bit, they seem to changing their qualification arrangements to make it VERY hard to qualify for Platinum unless you spend $6k. Seems a bit steep for very little benefit! However, I am only 20 stays away from lifetime Gold with Starwood, so I might press for that this year instead:

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  1. I think PC will loose a lot of biz customers. Like for you I also use it as 2nd program because of the very large availability in Europe and South America, my two main travel regions.
    Gold shouldn’t be a problem but for sue I will loose Platinum – if I stay with my project in Munich which is full of SPG properties.
    Well the PC Platinum benefits in HI hotels are way less and not guaranteed so may be there is no need for it anymore…

    @PC: Please either open more InterConti or Crown Plaza hotels in Europe or review your Platinum benefits and their availability for Holiday Inns. Otherwise you are coming down to a level of Accor hotels

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