2012: My year in 20 pictures

I have picked a series of the pictures I have published this year on the blog, which I felt sums up my experiences, visits and observations for the year. Enjoy.

The new concourse at King’s Cross Station, a long overdue refresh for the classic London train terminal.
The new concourse at KIng's Cross

The bmi lounge at Heathrow before they were absorbed by British Airways:
The old bmi International Lounge at Heathrow Terminal 1

My last bmi flight, complete with the big seats:
My last bmi flight before they were acquired by British Airways

The closure of Berlin Tegel was much overhyped – it remains open:
The closure of Berlin Tegel proved to be premature

My first flight in British Airways New First:
My first experience of BA New First happened in 2012

The Emirates SkyLine in London:
The Emirates Skyline

The Olympic Flame at Camden Town Station:
The Olympic Torch at Camden Town Station

Waikiki Beach, Honolulu
The beach at Waikiki, Hawaii

The Olympic Park and Velodrome taken during my visit to the Paralympics:
Olympic Park and Velodrome

Sunrise over London from the runway at London City Airport
Sunrise from the London City Airport runway

View from the Control Tower at London City – including the BA aircraft to New York
Taken from the control tower at London City

Firefighters tackle an exercise at City Airport:
Firefighters at London City Airport

View of Olympic Park, post games, from BA1 on the way to New York
View from BA1 leaving London City, after the games were over

Detail from the Hyatt Regency, O’Hare since it’s refresh:
Detail from the Hyatt Regency O'Hare

Sunrise over the Rhine from the Hyatt Mainz
Sunrise over the Rhine from the Hyatt Regency Mainz

Sponsorship of the Hyatt LondonDO 2012

Selfridges lit for Christmas
Selfridges all lit up for Christmas 2012

Detail from the Andaz Amsterdam
Andaz Amsterdam