United’s web site doesn’t subtract very well

a screenshot of a computer

I tried to book a ticket from Miami to Shanghai today and to apply a US$500 certificate United had sent me after the problems with my flight to Dublin over the summer.

Each time I tried to book the web site error-ed and told me to call Web Support. Having done this they told that it was a class of service error with my return. Humm!

I did notice the error above where the difference between £1443.40 and £311.65 is apparently £705.41 and not the £1131.75 I was taught in school.

There is a (small) prize for anyone who can work out how unitedairlines.co.uk got the price above!


  1. The price should have been 1131 pounds, but it then converted 1131 dollars to pounds, giving you 705 pounds.

  2. It first incorrectly calculated the total due in US dollars (~$1300), and then converted that “total” into british pounds to give 705…someone clearly coded that one wrong.

  3. Well basically what Brendan said, it did correctly total everything in GBP, however, due to using an U$D 500 cert internally it caused the computer system to change everything to USD and £1131 is $705… another SHAREs wonder

  4. It is taking the balance 1130 in pounds converting to 1130 $ and then converting again to pounds

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