Hyatt Place, Las Vegas

a lighted fireplace in a building


On a recent trip I had a quick overnight stay in Las Vegas. Arriving quite late at night and leaving fairly early the next day I wanted to add an extra Hyatt stay. The Hyatt in Vegas are limited – to one. Luckily it is quite close to the airport and has turned in to one of my favourite Hyatt Place properties – primarily as the staff are so friendly here.

a reception area with lights from the ceiling

Front Desk

I arrived so late that I had the shuttle train to baggage claim to myself. Having arrived on United I should have gone to the new Terminal 2, but nothing stops passengers with hand baggage leaving from Terminal 1 and so I hopped on the train to T1.

a subway train with many windows

Empty Shuttle from Terminal to Baggage Claim at LAS

a train tracks in a tunnel

In the deep dark tunnel to Baggage


Although generally taxi prices in Las Vegas a monstrous the Hyatt Place is only about half-way to the strip and so I usually catch a cab rather than waiting for the shuttle. I get the shuttle back though.

The agent at check-in noted my Diamond Status and I confirmed that I wanted the points please. There was a package waiting for me which they quickly located. The room was on the top floor but without the usual strip view. It was one night and so I did not mind.

a long hallway with lights and a carpeted floor

Hyatt Place Hallway

As one of the first converted the rooms are typically Hyatt Place.


a buffet table with plates of food

Hyatt Place hot items

Hot items, as well as fruit, cereal, bagels etc. Other items could be ordered from the new Hyatt menu.


Quick and easy check-out and being the only person on the Hyatt bus I managed to chat to the driver – he was great – and certainly made me feel pleased with my stay.


A Hyatt Place with just the nicest staff you could ask for. Not a great location for The Strip, but a good location for the airport.


  1. Did a mattress run there to meet my Hyatt Diamond Status Challenge. You are right about the friendly staff. I prefer some of the more upscale offerings in Vegas because they are generally good value for the money but I suspect I will be back at the Hyatt sometime next year to keep my Hyatt status in place.

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