Hyatt back in New York with avengence – and a Park Hyatt

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For the longest time (it seemed), Hyatt had the lone property at Grand Central. Whilst no one’s favourite property I did numerous stays there over the years and grew to love its glorously tacky yet dingy lobby area, the obscured views of the adjacent buildings and the Regency Club where you could see out-of-town families mixing with men of internationl finance.

Since then Hyatt has built its portfolio, so that it stands as follows

I must have missed the announcement but there is also a Park Hyatt slated for the end of next year – Park Hyatt New York – and I am told it’ll be one of the most expensive properties in the Hyatt Group. One wonders if this might require an additional reward category, in excess of the 22,000 points per night currently needed for their premier hotels.

Also coming are:


So it seems for Hyatt 8 will be the magic number for NY – surely the most properties in any single city in the world for them.



  1. Not sure if I’m counting the same way you are but I count 10 by end of 2014.

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