How do you wash an 777?

‘Carefully’ is the proper answer.

I was at the United Club at Honolulu last week – and that has to win the nomination for the least friendly United Club staff anywhere in the system – and noticed out the window that several men with mops appear to have surrounded a 777.

a person on the tail of an airplane

Washing The Tail

a man working on a plane

Washing behind the ears

a plane with a few workers on it

A back scrub



  1. IAD secondary clubs definitely battle (continually) for that least friendly award. Reminded againt how poor they are as I was the only guest one evening a last week and received quite the discussion (in some foreign language) because I asked one of the six women standing in a circle doing nothing if anyone knew where the bar tender went. Dirty looks and pointing continued for the length of my stay.

  2. What is it about surly UA club staff – it is such a bad reflection on the airline! They should all be fired!

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