A surprise in the post from United – Lifetime United Club card

United, before the merger with Continental, used to offer Lifetime membership of the Red Carpet Club (now rebranded United Club) when you passed 2 Million Miles.

United handled this by sending qualifying members a membership card on an annual basis. Often this took time to come, or the trigger to send it didn’t work for some reason. A very long time ago United sold Lifetime Membership of RCC and these were good value (in retrospect), but I failed to appreciate that back then. The Lifetime Memberships have been gone for several years.

So imagine my surprise when I received in the post yesterday a new card for United Club which has Lifetime Member printed on the front.

I need to take VERY good care of this card!

a card with text on it


  1. Same to me!
    There is no expiration date on it so I just imagine myself travelling with this card 30 years later…:)

  2. I’m a million so far (well, 1.5!) Do you think they will be giving lifetime for 2 million again?

  3. Nice! When did you cross 2MM? If it was at the end of year sweep, do you think UA is giving lifetime RCC to others who also crossed it in that sweep?

  4. Congrats! Just curious, how much were they selling the lifetime RCC membership for?

  5. @Sam, prepare to be sick. We bought spousal lifetime cards in the mid 70s. I believe we paid $250 for both.

  6. Have United Plus Explorer CC via Chase. Have received One-Time passes one of which used Aug. 2013. Taking trip via UAL + affiliates March 2014 and expect to use remaining One-Time pass in Chicago. When will new passes be issued expiring 2015?
    Thank you.

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