Another (great) visit to the Grand Hyatt Berlin

I’ve stayed at the Grand Hyatt Berlin several time – previous review and here.

However, this weekend they excelled themselves.


I had wanted to use one of my 4 Annual Diamond Gold Passport Suite upgrades, but the hotel had no availability. But, they were nice enough to offer me an extra upgrade, to a Grand Executive Suite. I was very excited to see what they had given me, and how these rooms were different to the normal suite upgrade.

A few days before my stay the hotel contacted me and asked if there was anything special I would like in my suite. I asked for some extra coffee capsules and some fresh milk. I am sure I could have been more imaginative, but I never like to be greedy.


I arrived at the hotel quite late but everything was ready for me, and I declined the offer of the staff to take me up to the suite – I was sure I could sort out how it worked.

The Room (520)


That’s the impact of walking along the corridor and seeing this:

a close up of a signThe entry to the room is a little odd, with a corridor to the left, and the bedroom opposite the door:

a wall with mirrors on it

Corridor to Living Room

At the end of the corridor is the living area – couch, chairs, dining table and desk all nicely laid out:

a living room with a couch and a tableThe dining table had a very interesting light fitting above it, made from bulb with their filaments exposed. Very interesting, and arty!

a light bulb with a light insideThe bedroom was fairly normal but there was a huge closet on one side:


a bed with pillows and a lamp


a wooden closet with a shelf and swingers


The bathroom was off the bedroom and was almost as large as the sitting room. Large tub, double basin and a shower/steam room/sauna, plus almost full height windows made the space inviting. I later found that the marble floor had underfloor heating – luxury

a bathroom with a bathtub and shower

Bathtub with shower to right

a bathroom with white towels on the wall


There was a separate toilet near the main entrance for visitors.

The room had fruit and strawberries which they refreshed each day. The free mini-bar and alcohol was provided as this hotel does in suites:

a bowl of fruit and a plate of strawberriesa group of glasses and straws on a tableMy request for some additional coffee capsules was met with a tray which contained dozens, all in different flavours. I was impressed.

a wine bottle and wine glass on a tableViews from the room

a view of a city from a high angle


a building with a sign in the front


a building with many windows

My room was on the 5th floor


There was a little panic at check-out when the hotel had not set up the Suite Upgrade Certificate and presented me with a bill for EUR1,340 and not the EUR340 I was expecting. This was fixed right away, but they appear to have held the higher amount as a pre-approval on the card. Will see if this reverses when the charge posts.


Another great visit to this property, where the young, willing and helpful staff really do make me feel a valued guest, even when staying in a wonderful suite at a cheap rate. Really classy.



  1. Underfloor heating 🙂
    In pretty much all homes and apartments in Korea. Even homes that are old.

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