Lufthansa changes earning on discounted business fares / removes upgrade option from 1 September 2012

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Major changes at Miles&More from 1 September for passengers on Business Class tickets.


  • Z class fares only earn 150% of flown miles and reduced amounts on shorter flights
  • P class fares only earn 100% of flown miles
  • No upgrades from P (immediately) or Z (1 September) fares to First Class. Particularly impacts Round-the-world tickets


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  1. FF incentive programs are tight ening their belts across the board. In the process they are eliminating about 50% of the real benefits for mid and low-level flyers, many who accumulate signifigant points through non-butt-in-seat awards. For those who remain genuine Frequent Flyers and who continue to buy tickets on the branded hardware, the benefits are still available. In far too many cases, the plan administrators are simply eliminating some of the loop-holes that have created an industry bent on abuse of their reqrd programs. It is hard to criticize them for trying to limit their award programs to their original purpose. We may not like it, but it is good business.

  2. Yet, these changes provide less and less incentives which will translate into people jumping ship to other programs, who are willing to cater to their clients’ needs.
    Miles and More becomes less attractive by the day…

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