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At appears that United are passing their gates at LAX T6 to American from 27 October and  United is closing their United Club there on 27 October.

On 24 September their Premier check-in in T6 will be closing, and United will only operate from T7 and T8 at LAX from 27 October.

Their other move here is that the First Class Lounge will be re-branded as a United Club in October, presumably to accommodate those people who had been going to the T6 lounge. In my experience both current lounges are very busy and so this is a good move, especially as there are limited First Class international destinations from LAX these days.

UA’s Terminal 7 at LAX:

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I travelled back to the US from Argentina yesterday and having secured TSA Precheck on the Boarding pass was hoping to breeze through at Houston.

The good news is that the Global Entry kiosks are right at the bottom of the escalators where you arrive in the Immigration Hall. The queues were pretty long as EZE gets in after Lagos, Rio and Sao Paulo flights.

However, if you follow the signs for connections you cannot access Precheck as there is no Boarding Pass check at this checkpoint. Rather you join the normal lines for connections, and this probably took 30 minutes.

I asked a Three Striper who advised following the exit next time and them coming back upstairs to the normal checkpoint as it has PreCheck.

So I learned something useful yesterday at Houston.


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I was on a B737-900 from United today that WiFi, Direct TV and at-seat power. The Trifecta for United.

It was interesting to note that the new system comes in two formats – full browsing at $2 per hour and reduced service (email and mobile apps only) at $1 per hour. You can buy your connection in one hour blocks to ensure you don’t spend more than you need.

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Free access to the united.com web site is available, as well as access to the moving map.

Perhaps United is getting better!

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United have a tiered fare based bonus running for the next 3 months on their Chicago to Shanghai service.

Ticketing dates: July 28, 2014 – December 6, 2014.
Travel dates: July 28, 2014 – December 6, 2014.

You can earn the bonus on up to four roundtrips.


 Register here.

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United has launched a new safety video which you can now watch on YouTube. It’s pretty good and features crew members in different worldwide locations. Keep watching at least until you get the Kangaroos!

Yes, United has Kangaroos in its safety video.

Honestly it’s not as funny as some of the Air New Zealand videos, but for United it’s got a sense of humour and for that we should all be thankful.

How many animals can you spot in the video – no prize I am afraid, but they do seem to have spent some money on it.

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I noticed that overnight last weekend United loaded some flight time changes. Mine are only a few minutes between New York and San Francisco/Los Angeles which didn’t endanger my connections.

Worth a look if you’re flying in the Autumn.

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I was sitting quite happily at the United Club in Chicago recently when I received a message from United that my flight for the following day had been cancelled. This was serious as it was part of a San Francisco to LA, LA to Newark and finally Newark to San Juan combo.

Taking advantage of a moment without a queue at the desk I approached the agent and explained. I knew there was a flight 90 minutes before and so asked about that. Scratching her head she came back and explained that they have cancelled my original flight, but added a new one a minute later.

And oddly, all of the passengers with upgrades on the first flight had suddenly gone back on the waitlist, despite being confirmed on the previous flight in First.

How odd.

And, they haven’t rebooked you either….


Anyway, good news – she rebooks me on the new flight UA2076, snags a First Class seat and books it.

Job done.

But very odd none the less.

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In the space of two days I got to fly one of each airlines 737’s. The American flight from LAX to San Francisco was short, whilst the United flight was from San Francisco to Newark.

American Airlines

The plane, resplendent in AA’s new livery, was towed in to the gate at LAX due to the building works you can see in the background.

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First class had very nice black leather seats which I don’t remember seeing before.

The entertainment system was live as we boarded and I was able to watch a few episodes of some sitcoms whilst people boarded and the carry on was stowed. The new Sky interior meant that the new style of Boeing bins were being used.

Over Row 3, the bins are much smaller, due to the aircraft shape. Oh yes, there was WiFi.

The flight attendant brought earbuds around for those without headphones, and did a small pre-departure drink run of water or orange juice. After takeoff she did snack mix and a full range of drinks, coming through for a second pass before landing at SFO.

In fact the landing at SFO was a little eventful with a go around just before landing. There was quite a lot of turbulence and so the tower told the pilot to go around and we soared off over the cost to rejoin the landing planes. No big deal; I’ve done that before but it’s probably a year since it happened.

United Airlines

Well it started badly enough when the flight moved gates three times and was delayed leaving.

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This image from the United mobile app tells you everything you need to know about their 737-900.

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That’s right – everything resembling useful time spending or productivity devices – WiFi and entertainment – are coming later. Even the electrical power didn’t actually work on a 6 hour flight! The guy sitting next to me, who I suspect was a player in the NFL, couldn’t really believe it either. He plugged in his headphones and napped. I took out my iPad and used it until the battery died, which was pretty close to the end of the flight. I’d paid to sit up front as part of an international ticket, and was pretty unimpressed with the service. Originally, when I booked many months ago, this was an internationally configured 757 with lie flat beds, and United though this was an appropriate equipment change at some point. If I had control of a corporate spend, I wouldn’t be sending my executives on this airline.

So when faced with a choice of 737’s I’d certainly not choose the United one!

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United opened a new club in an old location earlier in the month. I was able to visit a few days after it opened.

The location is on the way to the 60 gates that United has opened recently and serves the gates around the main security entrances. The location is actually a reprise of where the second Red Carpet Club used to be many years ago. Outside security the original club closed in the wake of 9/11.

Designed to the new United Club standards it is bright an airy although there is no natural light.

You enter the lounge up in a lift, along a corridor lined with historic pics of United planes, and are welcomed at the Reception desk.

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The room is broken in to many different areas and there is a full bar.

Unfortunately, it has the same snacks as every other United Club in the USA.

Overall it is a good addition, close to the 60 gates and there is plenty of seating. It seemed a lot quieter than the other club in the domestic terminal and the staff were super friendly. Worth a visit next time you are at SFO.

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United has quietly announced another copy-cat change to Mileage Plus which will change the way we earn miles. Gone is earning based on distance flown, and in comes the Delta model of earning based on fare paid.

There are similar multipliers to Delta for elite members:

x5 Members
x7 Silver
x8 Gold
x9 Plat
x11 1K/GS

This changes a $250 JFK-LAX ticket in Coach from about 10,000 miles earned for a 1K to 2,750 miles. A huge cut in earning.

There is no change to elite status earning which continues to be based on distance flown.

The change applies to all members worldwide.

A sad day in my book, and the end of Mileage Running for earned miles at least.

Details here


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I suspect the picture above says more than a thousand words to the experienced traveller.

Landing at LAX this morning, after sitting on the taxiway for 20 minutes, I noted that my international configured 757 to Newark was cancelled. Checking my reservation on the mobile app (as every flight attendant on United appears to be telling me to do these days), I found an all to familiar problem – United had nothing about its cancellation.

With less than an hour to the next departure the only seat left on the next flight was in middle, at the back of Economy Minus. I had about 18 hours booked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and there was no way to get there today with United, or American. The agents in the United Club were as helpful as they could be, and put up with some really angry passengers.

So, I had to abandon the trip – 8,500 status miles – along with it.

In comparison to United, Hyatt could not have been more helpful.

I called their number, and explained the problem. The agent waived the cancellation charge on the Hyatt Place in San Juan and found me a room at the Hyatt Place at LAX. Increased room rate of course, but My Elite Rate, saved me 20% off my new bed.

So, here with have the contrast – United who cancelled the flight for mechanical problems did not nothing – except of course to charge me for a new ticket to SFO tomorrow – ($400) – thank goodness for travel insurance – and Hyatt who had nothing to do with the problem, sorted me out.

Now to find a way to get those status miles back as well as press United for a refund of the original ticket and re-credit of the upgrade certs. I suspect this saga is going to run and run.

(BTW, when I called the Hyatt Place at LAX for a pickup by their shuttle, they explained that it was out for maintenance and that I should hop a cab and they would pay. Now that is service!)

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