New Elizabeth Line in London will require a change between Central London and Heathrow when it opens

The newest line on the London Underground, the Elizabeth Line is set to open in early/mid-2022. Great news you might think, a seamless way to get from East London and Central London to Heathrow.

Oh no!

When the line opens, and through to May 2023, it’s really going to be three separate lines.

‘Well that’s easy’ you say, ‘just wait on the platform for the next train to your destination.’

a train on the tracks

Daniel Garrity

‘Oh not that easy’ say TfL.

The three segments will be:

  • Reading/Heathrow Airport <> Paddington (existing mainline station)
  • Paddington (new Elizabeth line station) <> Liverpool Street (new Elizabeth line station) <> Abbey Wood
  • Liverpool Street (existing mainline station) <> Shenfield

At Paddington the train will arrive in the current station and you will have to take yourself and your luggage down to the new Elizabeth Line platform.

At Liverpool Street you will have to go upstairs from the new Elizabeth Line platform to the current station to catch your train onwards to Essex.



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