What new horror does the UK plan? Spain, France and Italy may be added to new ‘Amber watch list’

Coming hard on the heels of a UK Government minister admitting that adding France to the Amber+ list was actually based on infection levels on a French Island (Reunion), there are now reports that another list of countries may be created. We already have Red, Amber and Green as well as Amber+.

The new Amber Watch List will contain counties that may turn Red with little or no notice. The consequence being that arrivals from these countries would be forced in to government approved quarantine hotels at a cost of £1750 for 10 nights. (Rumoured to be going up to £2250 soon).

The Daily Mail reports that Spain and Italy, both popular destinations with British visitors could go in to this new category next week due to their infection rates of the Beta variant of COVID-19.

The report also suggests that France could come off the Amber+ plus list at the same time. Additionally Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia are rumoured to be added to the Green list when changes are made next week.


  1. Wonder what they’ll do when they get to Omega?
    This virus will be here forever, but the limits on human movement (legal anyway) will not ease up, in my opinion, until sometime in 2026. Until then, don’t invest in any AirBnb. They’ll sit empty but the tax man and other fee collectors won’t care. Also, you may get to some destination, but what fun can there be fully muzzled and attractions either severely limited, closed outright, or gone into receivership? It’s COVID that, limited this, etc.
    Five more years, then maybe the world will start to resemble pre-COVID – maybe. There are some who want the restrictions to be made permanent. If you value your freedom, send them packing.

  2. @Sorin M – wow, you still don’t understand how this works even after 18 months.

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