UK Prime Minister plays down Green List Countries, set to be announced on Friday

It appears that, as keeps happening during the COVID crisis, the UK Government cannot make up its mind what to do.

On 17 May Brits will be able to leave the country without having to give a permitted reason.

On Friday 7th the Government is set to list the Green (no isolating on return) countries are announced. Amber countries, where 10 days self-isolation at home is required and Red countries, where mandatory hotel quarantine is required may be adjusted at the same time. Amber and Red require tests at Day 2 and Day 8 with Amber allowing release at Day 5 following a negative test.

Papers in the UK are now saying that the PM has played down the number of countries that will be in the Green List with perhaps only Gibraltar and Malta permitted without any restriction on return. Compulsory COVID tests are likely only to be needed on Day 2, for travel from Green countries.

And, at a time when the EU is likely to allow vaccinated Brits in, it is their own country who is going to cause problems when they return.