AA loads schedule changes for August and September overnight – check your bookings!

an airplane on a runway

I woke up this morning to lots of schedule changes with AA, both in August and September 2020.

The AA computer has done its usual job to making trips simpler – ie reducing segments. A 30 minute call to American Reservations in the US wasn’t answered and I gave up, calling the UK. They managed to resolve most of the problems, turning my JFK-PHX back to a JFK-LAX-PHX, although they couldn’t sort out the Business Extra upgrades – so another call to the US will be required. A problematic married segment it took about 30 minutes to resolve.

Also impacted are my LAX-PDX flights which turned in to LAX-PHX-PDX. As these were booked in to Coach, I’m disappointed that the journey time has about doubled.

So, it’s worth checking any AA flights you have for next month or the one after.

Of course, it all just might academic if UK citizens cannot go to the US!