Whilst BA may welcome us back – check the small print – there will be changes which we won’t like.

BA launched a video yesterday that a lot of the blogs covered – showing how BA is going to support travellers when we are allowed to get on a plane once more.

However, buried deep in the web page are some not so nice changes:

  • Our First Wing won’t be open initially, but we have opened dedicated desks for premium customers which are signposted at Terminal 5.
  • At this time, Fast Track is unavailable. Please visit the local airport authority’s website for the latest information.
  • At the moment, all our lounges are closed. Any updates will be published on this page.
  • We are trialling a new boarding process. Priority boarding will only be available for families and customers who may need additional time to board.
  • We’ll be trialling a boarding process for both our short-haul and long-haul flights. We will board from the rear of the aircraft to the front (if you’re travelling in First, then you will board first from the first row to the back row of the cabin). Please check your boarding pass for your row number and seat e.g. 15C.
  • We’ll still provide tea, coffee and water, please ask a member of our cabin crew on board.
  • The Club Kitchen is temporarily closed. Please ask a member of our cabin crew if you need anything.

So some of the prized benefits for frequent flyers – lounges, Fast Track and early boarding are all gone. Imagine the packed A320 with passengers boarding from the back. By the time Club Europe boards there won’t be any overhead space left on busy flights. A great perk for paying for a premium cabin. The exception is First Class on long haul who can board first, from the front of their cabin to the back.

I know some passengers in Club will appreciate not having lots of passengers walk past them, but for me, getting the bag in the bin is a priority.

COVID will be with us for some time and whilst other airlines are making changes, BA seems to going out of its way to take away perks from its best customers.


  1. Hardly a surprise given BA’s ongoing plummet in service and customer hostile policies.
    Perhaps a better solution would be to agree they’re #BestAvoided and transfer loyalty. I did and have saved about 7% on 65+ sectors annually. More importantly, I haven’t flown in a dirty, overcrowded cabin with a broken screen and without the advertised catering since making the change

  2. You are too positive that cabin baggage will be allowed. Some airlines are restricting it!
    If BA finds out that cabin baggages are complicating their new boarding procedures..it is not farfetched..they will get rid of this service soon also.

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