UK press reporting two week quarantine for visitors

In what will be a further problem for the travel industry in the UK, just as we expect a lifting of some current restrictions, there appears to be wide leaking of a compulsory quarantine for arrivals. The UK Government, like many across the globe, likes to leak its more unpaletable decisions so that people get used to the idea before the official announcement comes.

Our Prime Minister is due to make a major announcement on the next phase of combating the virus, on TV tomorrow (Sunday). I am sure it will be the usual bluff and bluster, but in there will be some real plans and this quarantine seems to be one of them.

One might ask how 18 million travellers have been able to arrive over the past weeks, yet now we have to quarantine people. It plays too well in the message that the real threat is from people coming from abroad.

The BBC reports that the restriction will start at the end of the month.

Travellers from the Republic of Ireland will not affected by the quarantine.

There is supposed to be a conference call with the UK Government and the aviation industry on Saturday morning so more leaks from that call may make things clearer. It’s not known, for example, whether visitors can stay in private rented accommodation for their quarantine. Key workers, including lorry drivers, are exempt.

The Daily Mail suggests that those breaking the new rules will be fined GBP1000, and that a team of inspectors are being recruited to check compliance.

Of course, my next trip – towards the end of May to the US is in doubt from the ban by President Trump but clearly this could cause problems on my return.

Interestingly studies show that flights where a passengers has been contagious whilst travelling (by accident) has show little transmission to other passengers.